Cannot add online account on F32 with KDE


When I click add new account I got blank as below:


Same here! I don’t even know how to debug this :confused:

Try the package kaccounts-providers, this should solve your problem.

Yes thank you! Now I can see gmail, nexcloud and owncloud options :slight_smile:
It should be noted that the package is kaccounts-providers with the final “s”

I have corrected it.

I have also came up with the solution but after adding a GMAIL it only provides gdrive instead of all the services like email in kmail and calendar in korganizer automatically configured like I expected, (which happens in macOS or android).

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hi all just installed the new fedora 33 plasma spin and I want to integrate my google account but in the section of online account I press add but no choice visible how can I solve this?

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Please check this first:


didn’t find what you telling (in discover)

Use dnfdragora und will find it. Look here and you will be happy. :grinning:

got it you meant the konsol lol