Can toolbox be intended for production use?

Hello everybody. I need to start several projects with different dependencies and I thought about toolbox.I configured the different toolboxes with the dependencies I need and thought about starting the individual projects via toolbox run.

This is working but I would like to understand two things:

  • is toolbox designed for this use or just development and debugging?
  • commands executed via run start a new instance of the same toolbox or in the same?

This is a new topic to me. I have chosen this system out of urgency and I am considering whether to migrate to a full docker system once a stable point is reached.

Thanks for any replies and excuse my ignorance in advance.


Well. It depens on what you mean by production.
AFAIK, toolbox is intended to manage your pet containers. If your goal is to run services, and maybe start them at boot, I would instead explore podman. At the end of the day toolbox uses podman under the hood.