Can someone store the remaining Fedora Swag for events in NRW, Germany?

I still have the Fedora Swag for events in NRW, which was originally for the FrOSCon. The remaining swag could still serve another event (the smaller swag stuff like pens and such is sufficient to maybe serve more than one further event).

However, since I will be available in the area only seldomly after August and since I will have no longer storage space available, I need to get rid of it. I could bring it to someone in the area nearby Bonn (NRW), or alternatively I can also bring it to the coming FrOSCon, where someone can pick it up.

Let me know if someone has place to store it for future events. Its three packages, but maybe the remaining stuff could be reduced to 2. Size something around 50 x 50 x 50 cm or so per package.

@bookwar I don’t know yet for sure, but maybe I will be in Dusseldorf in July or August. In this case, I could bring it to the Red Hat Office or so, in case that makes sense.

Otherwise I have to give it away in August.

@mattdm I just got an error since any topic needs to be bound to at least one team tag (non-team-tags are not sufficient). This might be a little inappropriate since topics like this are not team-specific, and team-tags tend to exclude people who are not involved with the very team. Maybe it makes sense to disable that?

Yes, that’s definitely an option.

The only issue is that because of the unfortunate overlap in dates with Flock, which happened even though i warned about it in advance :frowning: I won’t be able to come to FrOSCon this year. And all my awesome plans for pre- or post- FrOSCon activities have been cancelled :frowning:

So if someone wants to distribute it at FrOSCon we would need to do an additional handover.

But we can make it work.

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I already expected FrOSCon to be cancelled for us (in terms of a dedicated Fedora booth). The other topic indicated that only one person would run the booth and everything before and while FrOSCon. The dates for registration are already over anyway. But it would be an alternative option to pick up the packages if other Fedorians join as regular visitors.

When it comes to the swag itself, it can still be used for future events. The next FrOSCon is to come :wink:

I’ll let you know when I know if I come to Dusseldorf.

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@py0xc3 I’ll be at FROSCON (on Saturday) and could store it in the Red Hat Frankfurt office (I already have some tees here). I understand you won’t be there but you could ship it here? or I pick it up somewhere on Saturday? - If that helps at all.
I could also find someone in Bonn as a drop off :slight_smile:

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Yeah, our possible dates for Flock were very limited by circumstances, unfortunately.

I will also attend FrOSCon.

@py0xc3 I live in the area. We could meet somewhere near or in Bonn next week or the week after. I could then hand over the swag to @jbley on the 5th. Or just store it myself.

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@jbley @ludwigd

Thanks for taking care! Since I now know that I will not attend Flock, I will also be at FrOSCon on Saturday for some time.

Although we will not have our own booth, our swag will be distributed by @bachenberg who is at the booth of Deutsche Welle (thanks Simon & DW for your support!).

Based upon the experience of the last FrOSCon, I guess the bigger swag will be fully distributed (e.g., thermos mugs).

However, if you are there at Saturday, I guess it makes sense to team up: I don’t have exactly in mind what we have left (I’m not at home atm ; ), but I think there was still much smaller swag left (key chains, pens, pins, sticker, …) so that I guess we will not get this distributed on FrOSCon. So you might take some (maybe much) of it for other events. Of course it’s also a good opportunity to meet other Fedorians :wink:

I will be at FrOSCon at Saturday morning. Let me know if you want to team up (maybe at the DW booth or so).

Since I will be there anyway, I can bring all the swag. You don’t need to pick it up :wink:


I’ll be at around 10:00 AM at the booth of DW to give them our swag. I will let them know that a few Fedora people will show up to get some swag :wink: I’ll be there another time at 11 to meet with @bachenberg. So you are welcome to join if you want to meet up.

@raphgro @lupinix that might be interesting for you, too :wink:

See you at FrOSCon!

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I’ll try my best to not forget :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy to have seen so many Fedorians today, despite the fact that we had no dedicated booth :wink:

I guess we have shown sufficient presence (with some support from our friends of DW) :sunglasses:

See you at future conferences!

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