Can someone chair the 2022-02-23 meeting?

I have an appointment that conflicts with tomorrow’s Docs meeting. Does someone want to step up chair the meeting tomorrow?

I hope to have a draft meeting procedure written by then that you can follow (with refinement to come later once everyone has a chance to offer their input) or you can go with what you think works best. Since we’re still in the early stages, we haven’t built up the routines yet.

Hi Ben,
I would step in for you, but I am otherwise occupied tomorrow, and most of this week it seems.


Am I reading this wrong or are you in fact otherwise occupied today and practically unable to take over the chair for today’s meeting?

Who will at least take over the #startmeeting and provide some structure to the discussion (In a case of emergency I could, but someone more involved and longer would be much better)?

No not reading wrong @pboy, I’m heading out now for this days maintenance activities. Sorry for the confusion. I would like to help, at this time I cannot though. That was what I was trying to convey.

Thanks! So we need a chair today.