Can openh264 be installed / extended to org.fedoraproject.Platform runtime?

I have been using Epiphany from the Fedora remote as my default web browser (yes, Firefox has stuck around, particularly for its DRM support). It has come a really long way in the last couple years, going from practically unusable for me to being a legitimately good browser. There are still some papercuts of course, and one of them is it can’t play H.264 videos or even use the codec for WebRTC with the Fedora Flatpak. Not an Epiphany problem, but a runtime issue, and I’m sticking with Fedora Flatpaks where possible.

I’d like to at least be able to get meeting video working… is it at all possible to install / extend openh264 to the org.fedoraproject.Platform runtime?

Also have to say I’m excited for the new improvements in GNOME 46. Epiphany is aging like a fine wine now!

It’s planned to have an openh264 flatpak extension equivalent to the one on Flathub (org.freedesktop.Platform.openh264), but that doesn’t currently exist, AFAIK.

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This is exactly what I was hoping would be the case, thank you!