Can not find package sd (is an intuitive find & replace CLI) in fedora 32

According to this

sd can be installed on fedora 31, but not on fedora 32 and I can’t understand why

Yes, was in :fedora: 31, modular repo, at you find here:

What was the Reason: orphan pack, meaning any angel can’t take care of it…

The last activity was f31, it seems you should:

1.- Compile from source, is a RUST program, the readme show how to do it:

2.- Install from :fedora: 31 modular repo with this command, which I think you don’t have any issues, is a simple program without dependencies:

sudo dnf install sd --repofrompath=f31-m, --repofrompath=f31, --repo=f31-m --repo=f31



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