Can I move workspaces around?

I’m using Fedora 34.

Can I move workspace around?

Meaning moving the second workspace before the first, for example.

So in the view obtained with the three fingers up touchpad gesture, I see the second workspace in the first position.

(How are those views called anyway?)


I’m not at my Fedora box at the moment, but when you press the super key and see the workspaces at the top, can you move them there? I sense that might be the solution.

I cannot.

This is the problem

With the default settings, when you are in the overview and you have applications running in two or more workspaces, you get a thumbnail view of your workspaces under the “Search” field. You can drag and rearrange them from there.

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No, I do not think there’s a way to move whole workspaces in Gnome 40 that’s built in to it. As @alexpl notes, you can move windows between workspaces. This extension may work, but it does not seem to support Gnome 40 yet:

Yup, my bad. I was moving full-screen windows around and didn’t notice.

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I have the workspace indicator extension installed, and i was able to drag something from one workspace to another. Initially I thought “oh yay! the full workspace moves”, but then I hit the activities button and found only the windows had moved :laughing:

My bad as well. I assumed you could but alas I was wrong. Sorry for the incorrect information here folks.

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