Can I lock dnf from instaling NVIDIA drivers from RPMFusion?

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I switched to using Negativo17 NVIDIA drivers repo, but I notice that even if I disable RPMFusion-nonfree-nvidia the RPMFusion-nonfree, noticed I think on Fedora 36, I don’t recall from versions before F36, also have the same packages and interferes with the installation and with the upgrades mixing some packages like nvidia-settings.

Can make dnf ignore RPMFusion ones without disable both RPMFusion repos?

I think you’re looking for the dnf exclude directive that’ll allow you to exclude certain packages from the RPM Fusion repositories. man dnf.conf will tell you more. There’s also the priority directive that may be useful.


You can learn more about it on the negativo17 site but be very careful using rpmfusion repo’s and negativo’s.It is highly suggested to disable rpmfusion if you going to use negativo.

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Here’s also the obligatory post reminding folks that we can only help with software from the Fedora and RPM Fusion repos since packages in both of these are maintained by Fedora community members keeping the complete Fedora package set in mind. If you do run into issues with software from other sources, feel free to post, but more often that not you will be asked to speak to the people providing the software because we really can’t do much about their bits. (This also goes for FlatHub flatpaks—the Fedora community does not maintain them).


It is even more strongly suggested that you use the rpmfusion site if at all possible because of the integration with fedora as noted just above.