Can I connect to CentOS IRC channels from my Fedora Matrix account?

Are centos IRC channels bridged to Matrix?

I am trying to connect to but I get the follwoing message:

Reason: IRC error on #centos-stream: err_bannedfromchan

I wonder if I am really banned or that’s some misconfiguration on the bridge or on my client side.

And maybe someone already create a CentOS Matrix space which you could share?

I’m on #centos-stream and #centos-devel through I think you have to setup IRC nick authentication before the CentOS channels will allow you to connect. It’s somewhat unlikely that anyone from the CentOS IRC admin side will see this, so you might want to open a CentOS Board ticket asking about the Matrix space.


Thanks, it seems I found my way in. Hopefully I was not spamming the channel with re-login messages while trying.

And, indeed, I had to login to Libera Chat.

For those who will end up in this thread for whatever reason:

Open private Matrix room with then type the following commands:

!nick your-nick
!username your-nick
!storepass <password>

Then you will be able to join rooms like or


Following these steps, I get this error: Could not join #centos-stream on err_bannedfromchan

Never mind, I don’t know what I did, after some attemps, at the end of the day I was able to join the channel. :+1:

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I also created a Matrix Space which can aggregate CentOS-related channels.

So far I added only two channels I know, but if anyone wants to co-maintain the space and add more - join in.

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