Can Fedora Workstation be configured so SSH logins inhibit suspend?

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Is it possible to configure systemd-login (or something?) so SSH logins on the system (from remote hosts) inhibit suspend?

Bonus points for incoming mosh sessions…

To add to that, the problem suspends a system even when a server is active with no currently active connections. I use plexmediaserver which runs 24x7, and obviously does not have demand that entire 24 hours. The system goes into suspension and is not reachable from a client without manually waking it up locally. Database servers run on the workstation may have the same issue though I have not tested that.

I think in this case, one should simply configure the system to not suspend. (Or, install or swap to Fedora Server?)

I don’t think we’d necessarily want inhibit-suspend generally as the default just when running certain services, though. I might want to have postgress running on my laptop for local development and still have the system suspend.

I agree, but the issue I commented on is that I was not aware of any warning that may have been distributed about the upcoming change with auto-suspend being enabled.

I have found how to disable suspend but the lack of information is frustrating.

No advance notice and no publicized work-around as preparation for the change.

I agree — in retrospect, this clearly should have gone in the release notes at a minimum. But here we are now, and time only goes the one direction. :classic_smiley:

100% agreed that time only travel in one direction.

Recent discussions found here is a good sign that Fedora is starting to tackle the Power Management issue.

Just hope that each new release will be much better than the previous release from now on.

Knowing how to completely disable Suspend and Hibernation is good.

What I really want is:

  1. Having Suspend / Hibernation and Wake up on LAN/Mouse/Keyboard/Power-button working
  2. Assign “Servers” to no-suspend list - that is, when there are SSH daemon runing with active activities (network traffic minimum), then the system will not interrupt the tasks running
  3. Assign “Applications” to no-suspend list - that is, when I opened a SSH client session to a remote server, with regular heart-beat to avoid time out, then my system should not suspend. (as if my SSH client suspends, the heart-beat is broken, then the server might kill my “active” session due to inactivities or even suspend as a result.)

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wound up here trying to figure out if i can make it so if i a VM is running(using cockpit interface) my workstation will not suspend the session(plasma).

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