Can Fedora 32 users get Gnome 3.38 after Fedora 33 has been released?

My system is currently running Fedora 32, I wouldn’t want to upgrade to Fedora 33 yet (I’ve seen many issues floating around, I’d rather leave that to braver users) but I do want to start using Gnome 3.38 and I wonder if Fedora 32 users would receive that update any time soon or are we stuck with Gnome 3.36? Thanks in advance!

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During the lifetime of a Fedora release, there are only bugfixes, not feature updates for GNOME:

This is unlikely to change unless Fedora becomes a rolling release distro completely.


Acroding to Fedora KDE update policy , Plasma do receive a major update in the lifetime of a Fedora release.

I don’t think this comes from fedora’s being a stable distribution. I guess this is because the GNOME team doesn’t want a major update

I’d go through this:

(The KDE SIG has requested an exception to the policy.)


Interesting, didn’t know that. So if I got that right, there’s not much to get major updates, except the kernel and kde-related packages. The norm is no major updates within one fedora version.


Yes, that’s the current policy.

Upgrading to new releases using dnf works very well, so if there’s more software that one would like newest versions for, it’s best to simply upgrade


Yeah. Updating to a new GNOME release has a major impact across the board. The level of testing we’d need to do in order to put that out in a way we’d feel confident putting the Fedora name on is roughly comparable to the level of work we’d need to do to actually put out a new release.

So, rather than that duplicate effort, we work really hard to make sure that upgrades are smooth and easy.


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