Can anyone recommend an application that opens "plain text document (text / plaim)"

Hello everyone! Can anyone recommend an application that opens “plain text document (text / plaim)”?
Both Gedit and Libreoffice open, but without formatting.
It is the proof of delivery of the income tax return.

If it is just a plain text file without any formatting, you can use any graphical text editor (like gedit) or you can use nano or vim from the terminal. If it is a CSV file, you can open it with LibreOffice Calc and it will be shown like a spreadsheet table.

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Yes, gedit or libreoffice opens the file, unformatted and incomplete. The declaration, for example, has 8 pages, and only one appears that cannot understand anything.
Anyway, thanks for responding.

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Are you sure this is ‘text/plain’, not a pdf?
Have you tried to rename the file so that it ends on ‘.pdf’?

What is the extension of the file when you receive it?

I’m sure it’s text / plain, I saw it in properties, and there’s no way to change it.
And there is no extension, one is .rec (= receipt), the other is .dec (= declaration).
I managed to save them both in pdf, when I asked the IRS program for printing. But the receipt and the statement that the program saved, I can’t even understand when I open it.

the Ghex app opens everything you will see if it is ASCII or UTF or not.