Call for team Tag owners!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the re-structured Fedora Discussion!

In this new setup, every team has a Tag, which represents the discussion area for that group. It’s kind of like that team’s mailing list. Each tag has a sidebar post. See for example for #council:

This sidebar describes the team and the tag usage.

That text comes from a forum topic that’s linked (in the administrative interface) to the tag. Right now, most of these posts are owned by me. I’d like to change that so that teams own their own description and can expand whatever placeholder I’ve put there, and keep it up to date.

Recommended format:

  1. The title doesn’t, as far as I know, matter. I recommend the format About the #tagname tag for consistency (although I haven’t been consistent so far — I’ll try to fix that going forward).
  2. A small logo or icon. A Fedora badge is fun if your team has one of those but not its own logo.
  3. The team name in bold. (Don’t use a heading as it confuses other things.)
  4. Descriptive text and links for the team — a paragraph or two. Don’t get too long!

See #council or #coreos for examples.

Avoid long URLs or text that can’t wrap — it will break the sidebar formatting. And, not even super long URLs: risks having org cut off.

Anyway — various teams! Please suggest someone (or team members, just volunteer!) for me to hand these posts to. Thank you! I expect most active team members will want the relevant tag set to Watcihing, but this person definitely should, and generally help make sure new topics in the tag are getting seen by the relevant people and replied to and so on.

PS: To avoid cluttering up replies, :bluethumb: from me means I’ve handled that one.


I’ll take the magazine tag. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll take the #kinoite and #coreos tags :slight_smile:.

You can probably add @tpopela for #silverblue (and optionally myself as backup).

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Makes sense. I’ll wait for @tpopela to confirm :slight_smile: (Also #workstation tag I hope!)

Yes, add me to #silverblue and #workstation . If possible add @aday to both as a backup (and @siosm to #silverblue as well).

Can’t do backups (a post can only be owned by one person), but I can make both of the posts ‘wiki’ so that anyone can edit them. If that turns out to be problematic we can fix, but I expect most people are good. :slight_smile:

can @madelinepeck and I own #design?


Of course! Done!

I would like to take #risc-v , Can I :slight_smile:

Please add @marianab @sumantrom & @riecatnor for #ambassadors :slight_smile:

Done and done!

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Looks like it’s already handled, but for posterity I’ll put myself on record as taking ownership of #epel.

May I take #red-hat-cpe please?

I will take #mind-co please!

May I take #mentored-project please?

@mattdm ,
May I also take #DEI :slight_smile:

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@mattdm can you add me to #mentored-project #commblog #test-day ?
@siddharthvipul1 , hope you wont mind?