Call for team Tag owners!

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I’ll take the #kinoite and #coreos tags :slight_smile:.

You can probably add @tpopela for #silverblue (and optionally myself as backup).

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Makes sense. I’ll wait for @tpopela to confirm :slight_smile: (Also #workstation tag I hope!)

Yes, add me to #silverblue and #workstation . If possible add @aday to both as a backup (and @siosm to #silverblue as well).

Can’t do backups (a post can only be owned by one person), but I can make both of the posts ‘wiki’ so that anyone can edit them. If that turns out to be problematic we can fix, but I expect most people are good. :slight_smile:

can @madelinepeck and I own #design?


Of course! Done!

I would like to take #risc-v , Can I :slight_smile:

Please add @marianab @sumantrom & @riecatnor for #ambassadors :slight_smile:

Done and done!

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Looks like it’s already handled, but for posterity I’ll put myself on record as taking ownership of #epel.

May I take #red-hat-cpe please?

I will take #mind-co please!

May I take #mentored-project please?

@mattdm ,
May I also take #DEI :slight_smile:

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@mattdm can you add me to #mentored-project #commblog #test-day ?
@siddharthvipul1 , hope you wont mind?

@mattdm I would like to take #commops

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I can support with #dei and #commops.

Sorry for the slow response here.

@riecatnor — done.

@siddharthvipul1 #dei is done. But: we don’t have “#mentored-project” — see How to request a new team Tag (or a Team Workflows subcategory)

@sumantrom Same comment on #mentored-project. There is a #test-days tag but it’s in the announcements category and I need to think about how that should work a bit. I’ll get back to you on that. The commblog posts are under #commops — you can coordinate with Justin and Alberto on that I think?

@jflory7 I’ve made those two wiki posts so you can help edit them.

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