Calibre the calibre 4.3 release not yet in packages

the calibre 4.3 release. fixes a bug in Calibre that prevents Ebooks from communicating with device. Please update package Calibre.
duplicate 1850571ticket in calibre bug system Bug #185057 “OpenOffice Mail Merge Wizard does not recognise new...” : Bugs : package : Ubuntu

Bugs need to be filed on so that the maintainer can look into it.


Hello @jpbn
I would like to suggest that it is pointless asking for packages updates in this forum, since many package maintainers aren’t on this forum. It is better to file a bug.
However anyta (the upstream release monitor) has already automatically notified the maintainer that there is a new version available. So we should simply wait. As you may already know, a lot of package maintainers are volunteers that do their work in their free time.

In addition, what is that link to launchpad?
Launchpad is the bugtracker used by Ubuntu folks, isn’t it? Fedora makes use of bugzilla.


Thanks anyta :wink: Launchpad link is just a comment I found when search for solution.

Did Not mean to do any harm.

Hey @jpbn
Calibre 4.3 is now in the updates-testing repository (at least for Fedora 31).

If you want to give it a try, you can run this command:
sudo dnf upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing calibre

If it works, you could contribute giving it a feedback, in that way it will reach the stable repository faster.
In order to learn more how updates work in Fedora, and how you can contribute in testing upcoming packages updates, look at this post: