Calendar in Fedora 37 Silverblue isn't correct

The default calendar has bad event dates. Where does it get the information? Google calendar? Here’s a screenshot showing events for today that have already happened, a birthday for my grandson tomorrow when his B-day is today. Pretty useless the way it is now. Am I missing something in a setting somewhere?

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Check in “Settings” > “Online Accounts” what you switched on there. If yes check on google what the settings are there.

Ah, yes, it’s Google for everything. Wonder why the dates are wrong? Google Calendar is correct.

Maybe using Google was a mistake? Maybe I’ll remove calendar.

edit: I turned Google off for calendar and then on again and it seems to have fixed it.


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Could imagine using on your computer and on google it selves the same time zone solves such issues.

Sorry, I’m not following, the time zone is correct.