CalDAV and CardCAD have arrived to F40!


Finally CalDAV and CardDAV have arrived to F40! Now I can setup online account for my calendar and address book and GNOME’s Contacts and Calendar are usable. Geary will do the email. It is good to go (laptop) “low fat” :slight_smile:

Thanks to maintainer(s) who made this possible.



I was doing Cal/CardDAV years ago on Fedora with a self-hosted Radicale server and another provider, and used Evolution client. Still doing it today too :stuck_out_tongue:

When CardDAV is set-up through Evolution, it also presents it to GNOME Contacts (F40). I don’t recall checking that prior to F40 since I did stuff through Evolution directly.

CalDAV also links from Evolution to GNOME Calendar, but I also didn’t check that pre-F40 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I used Evolution as well. But for notebook/not powerful laptop I wanted something slimmer.