Button descriptions in window are too far left


The button descriptions in fedora window (called Files) when watching for example the Home folder are too far left. When aiming the mouse cursor at the button “New Window” the description is too far to the left and it is looking weird therefore.

Here is a video where you can see the descriptions showing too far left:

I hope you fix this annoying programming because it looks bad and is weird.

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What you are showing it seems like an bug or something can you tell us how many screen are connected with your system and if your system is fully updated if do it first and tell us what isvthe connection type that you have used to connect your monitor with pc.
Eg hdmi dport dsub

Okey. I have 1 1920x1080 screen with a Radeon 4890 gpu and the system is fully updated and I have 100/100 mbit fibre connection. I connected the screen with a DVI-DVI cable.

Have you tried with a hdmi or something. And you have not mentioned about the status of your system
Post output in </>
inxi -Fzx

Seriously… it is so evident that it is the programming of the fedora window that is wrong when I look at it and I have studied some C programming. I do not think its something with the image cables.

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I hope you guys will fix the descriptions in Fedora windows because 5 days ago it still was not fixed.

Btw. I had good use of my Fedora OS when I edited a movie and my movie editors did not work on Windows 11 :slight_smile:

Just an FYI

This forum is not a direct connection to any of the developers. This is a forum of users helping users. If you want something changed that you feel could be better you need to contact the developers themselves. One path is the discussion forum.

If it is a bug that needs fixed the bug report should be filed on bugzilla.