Buildah-commit is very slow


I am making the switch from docker to buildah + podman and I’ve noticed that there is a long delay when running buildah commit

I see no output for several minutes then finally it prints:
Getting image source signatures
Copying blob 07cab4339852 skipped: already exists
Copying blob 0440ab835c2d skipped: already exists

followed by the rest of the log.

I would expect the ‘already exists’ to output immediately upon running buildah-commit.

I have noticed similar issues when running podman container prune – a very long delay before it appears that the command is “doing the thing.”

I ran podman info (pastebin link) but I don’t know what I should be looking for. it says I"m using fuse-overlayfs which I read is better than vfs.

Everything else on this machine seems pretty snappy it’s just anything involving containers that runs slow. This also includes dropping into a bash shell in a debian / ubuntu container and running apt search . It’s strange…

Any ideas?

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