Latest Version of CMU Flite (since version in Fedora default repos is far behind.) CMU Flite (festival-lite) is a small, fast run-time open source text to speech synthesis engine developed at CMU and primarily designed for small embedded machines and/or large servers. Flite is designed as an alternative text to speech synthesis engine to Festival for voices built using the FestVox suite of voice building tools. Latest source is now available through https://github.com/festvox/flite CMU Flite 2.1.0-release is now released as open source. Flite offers: * C only, very portable source * Thread safe (really this time) * Multi-voice, multi-language * Support for converting the latest Clustergen Random Forest voices for CMU Flite New in this version * Loadable voices (13 US English, in various accents) * Android support * INDIC language support ( Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi)

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