Buggy appearance for text and symbols after changing settings (Fedora Budgie) | Live ISO

Subject header of this post says it all. See below pictures I took. The settings in the first picture are what I’d like to use with Fedora Budgie, but can’t because of the discrepancies in UI and UX elements. Is this a bug? I wouldn’t mind switching to Fedora Budgie as my daily driver, but this apparent bug is something else. Did the developers not spot this before releasing Fedora Budgie? Or is this fixable? If it’s fixable on my end, please advise about next steps. If it’s a bug, can someone please let me know where to “officially” report it? Thanks. EDIT: To clarify, the power symbol is dark in the first picture (on the menu). Should be white.

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bump Anyone? Thanks.

Try to disable “builtin theme”?

Thanks for replying. That really doesn’t do anything except make the menu white, etc. I don’t want that. I want a setup where the windows are white but have dark borders that match with the taskbar and menu. I could have that, except for the fact that the configuration I want causes irregular appearances of text and symbols, as shown in the pictures I shared. This needs to be fixed. I’d likely be using Fedora Budgie now if it wasn’t for these visual bugs.

This may be due to a mix in application GUI toolkits. But only a guess

Well, hopefully the developers will fix this soon.

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Well, do not hope, just report it :blush:

It looks like that the Fedoras Budgie is not so polished as others one.

As you use a live ISO, it can have some small issues. Nobody took time to beta-test and report before the release of F40. If you want to test more you might consider to install it in Boxes or with Virtual Media Manager and make an upgrade to the newest version. If it still exists it makes sense to report:

How do I report it?

First check in terminal:

sudo dnf list \*papirus*

See if the package papirus-icon-theme.noarch installed. If it is listed under “Available Packages” please install it.

To report a bug lets first find out how we can reproduce the issue. Otherwise it gets difficult to get a helpful answer from the team where is maintaining this packages.

I don’t have it installed. I was testing out the live ISO.

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I changed my replies above …

If you just like to test budgie desktop I propose to have a look to the Ultramarine Linux version. It is fully fedora based.

They use it as Flagship version and it is much more polished, as we (Fedora) do have the Wrokstation version.

Tried Ultramarine. Same issue. Very disappointed.

Could this be a problem? I this is a configuration issue for the theme. How is the OP implementing the theme?

Reported this bug on Bugzilla. I’m surprised this didn’t get caught ages ago. It was present in version 39 of Ultramarine Linux, too, BUT not so in Ubuntu Budgie. Whether or not it shows up depends on what you pick under “Widgets,” I guess. Fedora Budgie should make it so that when people want to keep things looking consistent and dark (while not wanting things to be completely dark, like with a mixed theme), the text and symbols stay visible when people leave the “built-in theme” ON. Turning it off makes everything go WHITE, and that makes for an uneven “look.” Needs to be fixed.

I think there is a SIg here budgie-team :thinking:

Main problem here is between the version being an Edition or a Spin. An Edition can block a release of a new Fedora release while a Spin does not (except the KDE spin can block a new release).

This puts the Spins a bit in a “Foster Kid” situation while they not get the same attention as needet. We refer them also as Community based desktops. Effort from Members who relay on/like it are asked to investigate and find out whats missing, so we can ask the SIG to help change it.

An other point where makes x11 desktops also like “Foster Kids” is the fact that nobody wants to support old x11 apps/themes and focuses more on Wayland based Software.

And that’s why I ask you friendly not giving up to search for the culprit package/s and relate you back here if you find a solution.

Have you had a look on the Budgie’s side Git/Web?

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So I filed a bug report and apparently it got deleted.

Not OK at all. I’m done. Thanks anyhow to everyone.

Can you please post the link where you posted it?