Bug with GNOME Boxes and Browsers

when I use GNOME Boxes (with a Ubuntu 20.04 distribution) on my Fedora 33, my tabs on both Firefox and Chromium crash. I need to restart them, but after a few seconds it happens again. This problem only occurs when I use GNOME Boxes : just after closing Gnome machines, the problems disappear. It’s a really problematic bug for me :confused: .
I did not modified fedora execpt one thing : I enabled the scaling of the display.
Thanks in advance for everyone who could help me out !

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You probably mean GNOME Boxes.
Anyway, the problem sounds like OOM.
Check the output when your machines are running:

free -m

Try to decrease memory allocation to the VM.


Sorry for the error (translation error), I corrected my initial post.

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I get this kind of result:

total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           7829        6245         163         593        1420         713
Swap:          3913        3198         715

So I think you are right, it is probably an OOM error :confused:

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