Budgie question -- how to add an app icon to the bottom panel (make it a a "favorite")

Dear Friends at Fedora,

I’ve volunteered to donate a laptop to a non-profit – and the non-profit wants to use “Chrome” as the browser.

I’ve installed the Budgie spin and downloaded the Chrome browser, but I can’t figure out how to:

  • make “Chrome” a favorite; or

  • add the Chrome app icon to the bottom panel.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I don’t use budgie, but with the workstation desktop (among others) simply opening the activities menu then a right click on the icon gives an option to “Pin to Dash”.

Also, within the gnome settings panel there is a “Default Apps” panel where one may select chrome as the default browser.

Some of these settings are specific to the user, so one may need to configure it for one user then provide that as the default when a new user may be added.

Thanks – but as far as I can tell “Budgie,” does not have the “pin to dash” function you describe.

You can drag & drop the icon from the menu to the taskbar, when you see the plus in the icon (see below) you can let i go:


Or you can open Chrome, then rightclick the Chrome icon on the taskbar, and leftclick the star left of the + (Launch New Instance) to “Favorite” it.

To remove a favorite/pinned icon from the taskbar, you rightclick the icon and leftclick the star again to unfavorite it.

Thanks – I was wondering whether you tried that with the “Budgie” spin – as far as can tell the functionality you refer to does not exist in Budgie.

I am using Fedora 38 Budgie spin as my daily driver, and have used Budgie for 5+ years. Did you install Chrome as a flatpak maybe? Do the Chrome icon show up in the menu?

I made Flatpaks available and then installed Chrome through the software app – I’m not sure whether it is a Flatpak, but it does appear in the menu like Firefox

I will try to install Chrome in a F38 Budgie VM, and get back to you when i have tested it…

Tested this in a fully updated F38 Budgie VM, installed Chrome from the software center like you (which is a flatpak). After it was installed i dragged it from the menu to the icon task list, where the other favorite apps like Firefox, the filemanger and Rhythmbox are pinned by default.


For some reason this method did not work with the Chrome flatpak:
“Or you can open Chrome, then rightclick the Chrome icon on the taskbar, and leftclick the star left of the + (Launch New Instance) to “Favorite” it.”

Not really sure why this is not working for you…

Dave … thanks! You solved the problem! My error was this: When I dragged & dropped the Chrome browser icon, I dropped it too far to the right … after I got your message, I dragged it to the middle of the icons on the left and it became a “favorite” and stuck. Kudos to you Dave – thank you again for solving the problem!

No problem, good to hear you solved the issue.

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