Btrfs volume will not mount with kernel 5.4.8

I just upgraded my Silverblue desktop and with it came a kernel update to 5.4.8. It would not mount my home directory and bailed out to the emergency mode login prompt. I had to downgrade override my kernel to 5.3.18 to fix it. Is anyone else having issues mounting btrfs volumes with kernel 5.4.8?

I’m running Fedora Workstation, and I’m having no problem with btrfs and kernel 5.4.8. I don’t know why Silverblue would be different, but who knows?

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Resolved. The problem was that the new kernel 5.4.x was detecting filesystem corruption in my BTRFS volume that the old kernel 5.3.x did not. Therefore, it refused to mount the filesystem on the new kernel. Once I fixed the filesystem, I was able to fully complete the boot-up process with kernel 5.4.x.

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Yes, with every new kernel (major version) there are many improvements to btrfs included.