Btrfs Snapshots and Backup Solutions

I had serious / critical issues, unbootable systems using btrfs snapshots. In fact, it succeeded only once. Made several tests from the command line, using snapper, timeshift. Those tools are very dangerous IMHO.

Not to mention patches to the kernel code are made almost on a weekly basis. That alone should let one think it’s highly unstable.

Btrfs, I far as I understand it is still highly unstable and may be potentially harmful to your computer. I, personnaly, would refrain for ever using it.

I have to mention though, some other users say it’s the best invention in the linux world because shapshots. I disagree totally. When I wanted to make changes to the file system specifying the volume label as the select parameter, I did not expect the kernel team had made redirections to the UUID in the kernel code: they did. Imagine the result with 2 hard drives (the main and an unmounted clone with same UUID and different LABEL)!

BTW I replaced snapshots with partclone.btrfs. It’s slower but foolproof.

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