[BSPWM] Black Screen Upon Execution

Currently following a guide to set up bspwm & sxhkd (from https://www.instructables.com/Bspwm-Installation-and-Configuration/) and I got to the point where I needed to edit .xinitrc, but that file does not exist for me in my home directory. So, I made the file manually, and unsurprisingly when I ran startx & bspwm I got a black screen.

What needs to be in this file so that bspwm will start properly?

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What is .xinitrc?

.xinitrc is a hidden file located inside your home directory which tells your system what programs should always autostart no matter what the window manager is.

What is a black-screen?

Some problem with your configurations with the Window Manager


Please follow this guide, incluide various distro included :fedora:


The easiest way to initialize bspwm is to append it in your .xinitrc file. If you are using a minimal Linux distribution this is probably the method that you are already using to load a window manager.

What version of desktop are you using? :fedora: desktop or :fedora: spin

Running bspwm using a Display Manager

However, if you are using a full-featured desktop you might need to select bspwm in your login screen.

all of the details are described in the post below…


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