Browser startpage hijacking

Could you please cease hijacking my web-browser’s start page? This happens with EVERY Firefox update and it is getting extremely boring.

Start-page hijacking is considered borderline illegal in the online security community, and at the very least is extremely anti-social and childish behaviour.

I never asked you to do this, and I never consented to it.

Please stop it.

Hello @knobody42 ,
Welcome to ask.:fedora:! Yeah, I didn’t notice this “feature” since I always just left the homepage on start.fp.o, but that doesn’t make it okay, just missed. I am upvoting this topic since I think it should stay forefront. You are not the first to complain about this and there may already be an issue but I couldn’t find one with a quick search at BZ.


While folks here understand your annoyance, I’ll please ask you to consider your tone when you post in the community. As noted in one of the posts, it is a bug which is already being looked at by the maintainers. It is not acceptable to assume malice here and refer to people as childish and anti-social.

Please read (and re-read if necessary) the community Code of Conduct.