Brother Ql-550 driver

Is there anyone who can help me to be able to use my Brother labeller? Previously I had installed Ubuntu 20.04 and it installed the Brother driver and worked without doing anything.

I tried to install ptouch driver from Fedora reposity with rpm-ostree…the printer works but the label printing is not correct!

The strange thing is that on Ubuntu 20.04 the driver seems the same and works perfectly!

I would be interested in other comments, but for me when installing a package using rpm-ostree (I am assuming Silverblue) the SELinux policy is not updated - which seems to effect CUPS queue access for some printers. The symptom is - installer installs, print jobs can be sent to the queue, but the print job disappears.

If this is the issue, I worked around it using:

setsebool -P cups_execmem 1

and confirmed it was set with:

getsebool cups_execmem