Broken upgrade from F27 to F28

I converted an F27 system to Atomic Workstation about 7-8 months back, and so far it has worked mostly well. I’m now trying to upgrade to F28.

Under F27, when the system boots, I get a GDM login screen with my username defaulted. Pressing Enter gives me the password prompt, then I’m in.

Under F28, I get a screen asking me to select a language. I then get another screen asking me to connect online accounts, which I skip. I get another screen asking me to select a username and password. Thinking that maybe everything is already set up and I just need to re-enter previous values, I enter my current username, which I’m told is unavailable. This leads me to believe that /etc/passwd has made the F27-28 transition, but something else hasn’t.

I’ve done a bit of googling and have read about Initial Setup/GNOME Initial Setup. It looks like the former can appear before login, but only if a desktop environment isn’t installed, which I assume 28 Workstation already does. The latter only appears after login, which again I haven’t done under F28. So I’m not sure which Initial Setup this might be, or which conditions are triggering it to appear when my system is obviously set up right now.

I’ve booted back into F27, but I really need to finish this upgrade. Any idea what this setup screen is?

On IRC I was asked if my home directory was present in F28. I have no reason to think it shouldn’t be, though again since I converted my F27 system to Atomic Workstation back when that was a thing, I have the following in /etc/tmpfiles.d/00rpm-ostree.conf:

L /var/home - - - - ../sysroot/home

Has something changed between F27 and F28 that would make this line invalid, thus making my home directory not be present in F28 and triggering this setup?


Hello Nolan,

I did an upgrade from F28 (Silverblue) to F29 (Silverblue) and the exact same thing happened to me. I believe it to be a bug since it is forcing the user to setup a new user to complete install/upgrade. In my case I went through the process and am able to log into the newer ostree, as my original user and have home dir access, etc… So your home directory will likely be still there, just logging in will require you to always select a not listed user.

So to confirm, you created a new user that you’ll never log in as?

I’d like to avoid that if at all possible. I’m blind, sometimes the
screen reader doesn’t launch when GDM comes up, and the more prompts I
have to wait for and fill in with different values, the more likely
something is to not go right. With my user defaulted, I just hit Enter,
type my password, Enter again, and I’m in.

Thanks for confirming the issue. Where would one file this as a bug, or
check if it already is?


yes, when I first upgraded from F28 Silverbue to F29, the first boot afterwards led to the screen I would have expected to see on a fresh bare metal install. I had no option but to create the user, and it won’t let you re-create your existing. In the end, I am still able to log in as my preferred user account and my Home directory is available, I just have this extra account. My brother in law is also visually impaired, and would prefer I say blind, he too is a Fedora user.
As for the bug, I believe there is still some discussion going on about that particular topic, and it would be great if maybe Sanja would answer that question for you. In the meantime I’ll do some digging and get back with what I find.

Hi Nolan,

File the bug report here ‘Issues - teamsilverblue -


I filed a bug here ‘Issue #49: Rebasing from F28 Silverblue to F29 Silverblue results in booting into the initial user setup screen - teamsilverblue -
Check it out to make sure it is what you were referring to and add comments if you feel they are pertinent please.

Just to be sure we are talking the same thing, I did a rebase from F28 Silverblue to F29 Silverblue. Is that what you did as well?