Broken icon for Libreoffice writer in Wayland

Hello everone, I made an account on this forum for a specific problem I’ve been having since at least 2018, Fedora 29.

In the Dock, when using Libreoffice programs like Writer or Calc, I don’t see the respective icon but a weird white with black icon. I’ve once posted on the libreoffice forum with pictures.

Now I’ve just installed Fedora 31 and was playing around with it for a bit. I noticed that the icon of Libreoffice was still a problem. Deinstalled and reinstalled but the problem persisted. Then I switched to Gnome on Xorg, just to see if it would be the same and to my surprise the icons were normal there! I logged back to Wayland where nothing has changed and back to Xorg just to be sure, and yes, the right icon appeared.

Does anyone have a similar problem, know why this is and have suggestions for how to fix this? I use Writer a lot and it would be nice if the broken icon would be fixed.

Hello @rubion, welcome to Fedora! Please take a look at the posts in the #start-here if you’ve not yet had a chance to do so.

In the image that you’d posted to the libreoffice forum, the icon set did not appear to be a standard/default icon set. What icon set are you using there?

I’m on a Fedora 31 Workstation install using Gnome on Wayland, and the icon looks fine here:

Could you please run a live Fedora Workstation 31 image and post an image of what icon you see there?

Actually I think that isn’t the writer icon. I just checked with the regular icon pack you also use. When you’d add the Writer application icon to your dock as permanent, I think you’d see that it would show this generic icon for libreoffice as the icon for the writer application, with it in fact being a different icon. Do you understand what I mean?

Iit always shows the generic Libreoffice icon irrespective of the specific Libreoffice app one uses. The idea is that they’re all just different Libreoffice windows, since you can open a new spreadsheet using the “new” in Writer and vice versa also. I think this is just how they’re meant to be now. One can right click on the icon to choose what window they want to switch to and so on:

Can it be related with this bug open from 2 years ago?

I think it can be the cause of the problem under wayland and libreoffice.


I wanted to demonstrate this with 4 screenshots but new users can only post one image. With Wayland, the different applications get grouped under the generic Libreoffice icon, whereas with Xorg Writer and Calc are different programs with their own icon. This is best noticed under Wayland by having Writer marked as favourite in the Dock, having it always there. I’ve now added a picture taken in Xorg, to see how the different applications have different icons.

Yes this seems related