Broken GRUB after installing next to Windows

I installed Manjaro, but then decided to try Fedora. Following the instructions, I deleted the /boot/efi/EFI/Manjaro folder from under Linux, I did not delete the Windows partition. Then I deleted the volume with Manjaro from Windows. Installed Fedora with auto-partitioning, but after booting the GRUB menu does not appear, the system immediately boots into Fedora. The Windows partition still exists. How can I restore GRUB and boot to Windows?
On booting, a message comes up:
“GRUB loading.
Welcome to GRUB!”.
After that, the system boots right into Fedora.
The BIOS Boot Menu only shows HDD and DVD.
The Windows folder is gone from the EFI directory, only “BOOT” and fedora are there now.
I tried booting with boot-repair CD, but after checking it, it says, “/boot detected. Please check the options.” There’s not even a Repair button. MBR and GRUB tabs are not available
I attach the boot-repair reports below.

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