Brightness control is inverted

fedora 37, the brightness control is inverted and it is very low.
Tried many things none of them helped, my specs
Ryzen 5 5600H
Nvidia 3050Ti

Me also I face the same issue, earlier in Fedora 36 i were using soft-brightness, but when upgraded to 37, it got deprecated and the all GNOME available brightness extensions DDC uses, which won’t work, very update, moving to other Linux distro.

Meanwhile I also faced issues like, external monitor not working, this was the main reason, tried many things in a week, all failed. I liked the OS Fedora but the support for newly Intel IRIS XE based graphics is not available i915 issues, HDMI issues… also the brigthness is not included in OS, it’s looks alike. Disappointed.

Don’t know if it is the same hardware or not, but others have found that brightness does not work properly with wayland, but does function properly with xorg. That may be worth a try.