Brief info about our IRC meeting today 2022-02-23

We were a smaller, exclusive group today. We discussed two topics

  1. What would the participants like to contribute from their own interest and competence domain
  2. How do we want to prepare the next meetings and what topics should be worked on

Fortunately, we have widespread interests and potential contributions.

So we have 3 dedicated writers, among others for the area of security, which would deserve its own section in the future.

Fortunately, there is also readiness for reviewing, fine-tuning articles, and working on and maintaining of repositories. An absolute must for publishing content, and so often missed or in very short supply.

Another interest relates to tooling, specifically the addition of a search function to our pages (very much missed at the moment) and the configuration of GitLab dashboard functionality to better organize our work.

List of topics we want to discuss or work on next

  • Usage /usability of GitLab dashboard to support organization of our work
  • With onboarding new contributors soon, adjusting the “git intro for newcomers”
  • Open a discussion thread 3 days ahead of a meeting and collect and structure topics to discuss
  • Reviewing our list of open issues and take action or close them
  • How to improve presentation and orientation of docs material and proceedings
  • Identify specific tasks, besides content writing, where there is a shortage of staff?

For more detailed information, see meeting minutes and meeting log.


Curious for context. Is the Docs Team considering a move to GitLab for all docs repos? Or does this mean something else?

Have a look at Move Docs to GitLab (to my chagrin)

The dashboard function is a potential addition we could use if we move to GitLab: