BRF directory and files

I’ve found a directory called BRF in my home directory, it contains files with the extension .brf. A search suggests it is to do with Braille - that’s unlikely as I haven’t installed or saved anything like that. It’s worrying me - where did they come from?

.brf are files you can read with a special device called notetaker. It is for visual impaired users.

You might have downloaded a ebook and took the wrong file type?

Have a look what is inside the directory. You can display the content in the terminal with the cat command. It should be readable and has some control characters to use with the device mentioned above.

I don’t use ebooks. There are a few like this “loupe job #1.SPo0AK.brf”, a couple with names I recognise plus a code at the end like the one above and a load called “rubbish” plus a code.
I think I’ll just delete them all and see what happens.