Boxes crashes on Kinoite

I have updated to Kinoite 35 and I would like to use boxes Version 41.1 from Flathub to test some Fedora Iso installs. When I try to create a new VM for Fedora KDE 35 it crashes after the screen where I customize the memory and disk size. Is this a known problem? How do you run VMs in Kinoite?

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You can try reporting a bug to upstream GNOME Boxes: GNOME / GNOME Boxes · GitLab

Another easy option to run VMs is to use libvirt with the virt-manager GUI.

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I am using Silverblue, and I installed Boxes so I could test Kinoite and Ubuntu. I allocated 8 GB of RAM and at least 100 GB of SSD to the installs. I got them installed, but they run so slowly and are so unresponsive, they are basically useless. Boxes makes it very easier to install an OS, but its basically useless.

I found a post over on the discussion forum about how to install libvirt on Silverblue and that also worked for me with Kinoite so that is what I am using now to test new Fedora Linux releases. Thank you for your suggestion.