Boot stuck after installing nvidia driver on fedora 30 kernel 5.3.7

Hey guys,

I installed nvidia driver 390.129 on my notebook that has fedora 30 and kernel 5.3.7.
The installation was ok, but after rebooting the boot stucked at “Started Gnome Display Manager”.
I read that nvidia drivers usually has some problems in Fedora, but i am not expert at linux, actually im a beginner.
Does anyone have a clue on whats going on and how to solve?
Thank you very much.

Can you use CTRL+ALT+F2 in order to switch to tty and undo the install?

hey david, thansk for you repply… actually i dont want to undo install because without the nvidia driver the performance was not so good… i wanna try to find out whats goin on and try to fix it, but i searched and found nothing so far

It could well be that your notebook uses Optimus technology, i.e. has an Intel and an Nvidia graphic chip. Then installing the Nvidia driver will typically result in what you reported.

Have a look at the Fedora Optimus documentation for understanding how the Nvidia chip can be used.

However, you might want to take note that using the Nvidia chip will not speed up things, unless you’re using a 3D application, i.e. a 3D game or rendering application.