Boot into graphical environment with encrypted root partition

I am working with Fedora 35 from a minimal installation using the Everything image.

One of the first things I did was install the @base-x group, my window manager, and the LightDM display manager.

On my testing VM on another machine, once LightDM was enabled in systemd, the VM would boot straight into the display manager, no problems. (Edit: this is most likely false. I must’ve set the graphical target as mentioned in the next post.)

Now that I’m working on real hardware, I encrypted the root partition. Following the same steps, the system still boots into the tty and not the graphical interface. What dependencies are needed to get the graphical environment for inputting the LUKS passphrase working and to get the system to boot into that environment?

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Did you also set the graphical target as default?

systemctl set-default

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Thank you! I had missed that step, and that gets me most of the way there.

The screen for inputting the passphrase for the encryption still isn’t the familiar gui, but it does boot into the display manager automatically now (once I’ve unlocked the drive), which is good.

I am happy with this setup but would still like to know how to set up the graphical environment for the LUKS screen.

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I don’t recall Plymouth being setup from my last everything install. That may be what you’re looking for.

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Yes. That was it. Plymouth was installed for me already, but it didn’t have a theme set.

This article from Fedora Magazine is still relevant:

Once I set a theme, it was working as expected.