Blurry Scaling, Libreoffice Flatpak

I am using the Flathub Flatpak of Libreoffice, on Fedora Kinoite Wayland.

The 125% scaling makes the fonts blurry, especially the SVG ones, so I switched back to traditional ones.

No setting in the LO Settings helped.

This forum thread has the same issue:

Forcing X11 (XWayland) indeed fixes it by not allowing fractional scaling. The said environment variables both have no effect.


Tried them one at a time.


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Which application specifically? Calc, Writer, Draw ? I can test some things here.

calc. writer, impress

not all text elements are affected for some reason. As said, switching to the non-svg icons makes these not blurry.

The top menubar text is not blurry, as is the text in the “font” field on writer. The text on the paper is blurry.

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