Bluetooth turning off when on battery

I’ve looked but can’t find this issue anywhere.
For a couple of versions now, whenever I go to battery power my bluetooth turns off and I can’t toggle it back on.
I assumed it was a power saving trick but can’t find it in the Power Settings.
Can anyone advise?
Currently on F36 and Acer Aspire A5

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Let’s check what happens at the very moment you go on battery:

When your notebook is plugged in and bluetooth works, open a terminal, and then remove the power plug so that your notebook is on battery. Immediately after you plugged off the power, go to the terminal and enter sudo journalctl --since "2 minute ago"

After that, check out if bluetooth has turned off (we need to know for sure that the logs we analyze contain the unintended behavior) and let us know both the bluetooth status after going on battery, and the output of the journalctl.