Bluetooth não funciona em Teclado - REDRAGON Zed Pro K627P RGB modo de Suporte a Bluetooth 5.0 sem fio 2.4G USB 3 78 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Teclas Compute PC

i use bluetooth from my TWS wireless Galaxy headset
Buds Live on Fedora 38 , Gonome 44.1, normalmente, but only on fedora my mechanical keyboard REDRAGON Zed Pro K627P RGB mode Support Bluetooth 5.0 wireless 2.4G USB 3 78 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Keys Compute PC, bluetooth does not recognize I have done many test and in no way can I access the keyboard via bluetooth, and in other distros that I have the keyboard works normally in bluetooth mode, I ask for help if it is necessary to install a driver to be able to work bluetooth without fil in Fedora 38 Gonome 44.1? In the openSUSE and EndeavorOS distributions, the keyboard informed by me works perfectly without a cable, I only use it via bluetooth and I don’t have any problems. Help me to connect via bluetooth with the keyboard model that I informed in my Fedora 38 Gnome 44.1.

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Can someone help me to solve this problem: for me to locate and connect the mechanical keyboard in bluetooth REDRAGON Zed Pro K627P in Fedora 38 Gnome 44.1?

Note: the mechanical keyboard works connected via bluetooth on EndeavourOS, openSUSE Tumbleweed, Windows 11, it just doesn’t find it and I can’t connect on Fedora 38 Gonome

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