Bluetooth glitches (playback)

Hi. I’m using Fedora 39 (Workstation) on a Dell laptop using Wayland and Pipewire.

The problem is when I connect this laptop to my earbuds (using bluetooth), when playing music, I hear glitches all the time. Like every one minute or so, either it disconnects for 2 seconds and connects again, or it changes the sound to a low quality (like so I’m talking on the phone) for 2 seconds and then gets back to high quality again.

What information should I check/provide to be able to debug and eventually fix this?

My earbuds work file with my phone and my macbook. Its on my Fedora only that I witness this problem.

I also have Jack installed (not sure if it came by default or did I install it), I needed it to configure Ardour connections with my speakers.

One thing I tried was to do sudo journalctl -u bluetooth.service -f to see if any messages pop up when these glitches happen. But nothing is written when there is a glitch.