Bluetooth gets disconnected randomly

I have a bluetooth device with both kind of latest Bluetooth version but despite the Bluetooth gets randomly disconnected and I don’t know of how this problem can be mitigated… can anyone you guys help me…

Do you have more info’s, A link to the product is sometimes helpful.

Do you mean the bluetooth device…?

It is JBL-T450BT…
In addition this problem has never been seen in my android device… and still not…

Not just, are you not using a computer where you connect it to?
I remember an other topic from you where I suggested to check if your bios/firmware is up to date. This is independent of Fedora Linux alias you have to check if it is correct configured to get this updates.

Please check fwupdmgr in terminal to display your bios info’s (don’t worry this command just shows you infos ).

Command not found 

Use fwupdmgr --help for help

Seems like fwupdmgr is already there but I don’t know what actual command to type

I did like for updating the firmware to the latest but it says no updatable devices…

fwupdmgr upgrade
$ fwupdmgr upgrade
Devices with no available firmware updates: 
 • SKHynix HFS512GD9TNI-L2A0B
 • System Firmware
 • UEFI Device Firmware
 • UEFI dbx
No updatable devices

Please check if your computer is supported for LVFS check here:
LVFS: Device List

No my computer is not listed there… What should I do then?

inxi -Fzx and paste the info of your computer, of corse just if you want help :slight_smile:

Then searching here:
how to update the firmware of your computer… if needet.