Bluetooth Dongle has to be physically replugged in after a reboot

Hey all,

So, this is an issue I’ve had in f35, f36 and now f37 beta. I have a UB500 Bluetooth dongle from TP-link that works flawlessly on Linux.

However, the issue only happens on Fedora during reboots or when I power my computer on. I have to manually remove the dongle and re-plug it in, and then Fedora will recognize it and everything will connect. If I don’t physically do this, after a startup/reboot, Fedora will not let me hit the toggle or do anything in gnome Bluetooth settings.

I do not have this issue on Pop/Ubuntu Distros or EndeavourOS as far as I can tell, I just returned from EOS this evening and did a clean installation of Fedora.

Any advice would be appreciated, I’d like to get this resolved once and for all since Fedora is my distro of choice.

Got an ASUS branded dongle, the only one they sell for 5.0 Bluetooth, which they provide Linux support for and this issue is entirely gone.

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