BlueTooth at LXQT

How are things with BlueTooth at LXQT?

$ systemctl status bluetooth

bluetooth.service - Bluetooth service
     Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service; enabled; preset: enabled)
     Active: active (running) since Mon 2023-04-03 11:44:00 EEST; 8h ago
   Main PID: 1027 (bluetoothd)
     Status: "Running"

But there are no menu entries
“Add Bluetooth Device”
“Bluetooth File Transfer”
like LUbuntu (also LXQT)

I will explain what I want.
I have a powerful audio amplifier with bluetooth input.
Sometimes I want listen my Hard’n’Heavy music at powerful audiospeakers instead laptop speakers
(to the delight of the neighbors :-)))

How can I send music via bluetooth?

There is bluez and blueman. Did you test both?

Check with sudo dnf list blue*

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bluez.x86_64                                                5.66-4.fc37                                             @updates
bluez-cups.x86_64                                           5.66-4.fc37                                             @updates
bluez-libs.x86_64                                           5.66-4.fc37                                             @updates

And many-many avalable 
blueberry.noarch                                            1.4.7-4.fc37                                            fedora  
bluebird-gtk2-theme.noarch                                  1.3-9.fc37                                              fedora  
bluebird-gtk3-theme.noarch                                  1.3-9.fc37                                              fedora  
bluebird-metacity-theme.noarch                              1.3-9.fc37                                              fedora  
bluebird-xfwm4-theme.noarch                                 1.3-9.fc37                                              fedora  
bluecurve-classic-metacity-theme.noarch                     1.0.0-24.fc37                                           fedora  
bluecurve-cursor-theme.noarch                               8.0.2-27.fc37                                           fedora  
bluecurve-gnome-theme.noarch                                1.0.0-24.fc37                                           fedora  
bluecurve-gtk-themes.i686                                   1.0.0-29.fc37                                           fedora  
bluecurve-gtk-themes.x86_64                                 1.0.0-29.fc37                                           fedora  
bluecurve-icon-theme.noarch                                 8.0.2-27.fc37                                           fedora  
bluecurve-kde-theme.i686                                    1.0.0-30.fc37                                           fedora  
bluecurve-kde-theme.x86_64                                  1.0.0-30.fc37                                           fedora  
bluecurve-metacity-theme.noarch                             1.0.0-24.fc37                                           fedora  
bluecurve-xmms-skin.noarch                                  1.0.0-25.fc37                                           fedora  
bluedevil.i686                                              5.27.3-1.fc37                                           updates 
bluedevil.x86_64                                            5.27.3-1.fc37                                           updates 
bluefish.x86_64                                             2.2.12-8.fc37                                           fedora  
bluefish-shared-data.noarch                                 2.2.12-8.fc37                                           fedora  
blueman.x86_64                                              1:2.3.5-1.fc37                                          updates 
blueman-caja.noarch                                         1:2.3.5-1.fc37                                          updates 
blueman-nautilus.noarch                                     1:2.3.5-1.fc37                                          updates 
blueman-nemo.noarch                                         1:2.3.5-1.fc37                                          updates 
blueprint-compiler.noarch                                   0.4.0-1.fc37                                            fedora  
bluez-deprecated.x86_64                                     5.66-4.fc37                                             updates 
bluez-hcidump.x86_64                                        2.5-21.fc37                                             fedora  
bluez-hid2hci.x86_64                                        5.66-4.fc37                                             updates 
bluez-libs.i686                                             5.66-4.fc37                                             updates 
bluez-libs-devel.i686                                       5.66-4.fc37                                             updates 
bluez-libs-devel.x86_64                                     5.66-4.fc37                                             updates 
bluez-mesh.x86_64                                           5.66-4.fc37                                             updates 
bluez-obexd.x86_64                                          5.66-4.fc37                                             updates 
bluez-tools.x86_64                                          0.2.0-0.19.git20170912.7cb788c.fc37                     fedora  

Seems like LXQT still does not have a preferred Bluetooth GUI.

I use blueman and recommend it (if you don’t mind a GTK app). It’s used by Xfce and Cinnamon spins. There’s also blueberry which is used by Mate spin.

bluez is the package for the main Linux Bluetooth tools like bluetoothctl, not a GUI.

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