Blue indicator in the Software manager indicating an error in a transaction

Can anyone help me how to get rid of transactions that can’t be finished.

‘rpm-ostree cancel’ shows me no active transaction, but the blue indicator normally indicates that a program is requested for installation has has not finished the installation process.

Unfortunately, this blue indicator doesn’t go away, and ‘rpm-ostree status’ shows not the packages that failed in the installation process.

In summery, I don’t know what this blue indicator wants to tell me or how I can delete the cache for the particular failed package, so that I do not need to see it until the end of my life. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve found that.

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I don’t understand the root-cause, but I still have a problem here:

It doesn’t make any sense to me, but it seems to be a problem with shared libraries. The information is not identical in the both views regarding the amount in MB of the needed downloads. It doesn’t download anything and I still don’t know how to get rid of the blue indicators of the second tab (installed), what should it mean or what is missing to complete the installation? Can anyone help?
Otherwise, I will do a fresh install…

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Hello @ralfs ,
This is runtime lib’s from flatpak. In a terminal do sudo flatpak repair and this should fixup your flatpak installation.

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Thanks a lot. I did a reinstall, but next time I know how to repair flatpaks.

The flatpak installation is generally solid, sometimes it causes Gnome SW to hang a bit, or refuse to complete updates. Sorry you had to re-install, I should have checked this forum sooner.

Hey Stephen…Thanks!

@jakfrost, this seems to be an issue on new install, perhaps for non en-US based installs as I had this exact problem. Maybe gnome-software could automatically run flatpak repair after a while, or is there a bigger problem at play?

I think that as flatpaks become more in use generally there will be more improvements behind the scenes so to speak. So the above command is a maintenance command to be run on the occasion you experience problems, it’s not a bug per se’ but more a feature request you are asking about. There may already be an issue tracking such a request, but it wouldn’t hurt to look and maybe create one if not. The issue tracker can be found at