Block style and media in Docs page

Just curious how expressive AsciiDoc can be for the use of boxes and media files (video/gif).


I took some inspirations from the Developer portal. Visual guide works as a clear signpost to contributors.

AsciiDoc shows an example of contiguous block, but I don’t know how to create three blocks in a row.

Video macro

Where can we upload video tutorial to link with docs repo?
I would avoid *Tube or **meo.

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I have the same question (and no answer) :slight_smile:

For our server WG start pag,e I would like to have a box with the member names, something we have on wiki pages (see Server - Fedora Project Wiki)

I have no idea on wiki styling.

The closest match I can find to achieve it in AsciiDoc appears table styles where you can add border styles/spacing, similar to CSS properties.

To control dimensions of a box, we can use grid widths/styles and so on. Well, that’s in theory. I need to get hands on with using shapes in Docs.

Table style is is in fact a no-go for a fluid design. I’m looking for a aside box like about “How to get the software” as in