Blank screen after log-in on GNOME, but only sometimes

I enter my password, hit Enter, the screen transitions to the usual blank screen, the cursor is a X, and from there sometimes it’ll just stop right there, and others it’ll go to GNOME overview no problem. Hot-plugging my headphone jack and locking the session sometimes recovers it on GNOME on X, but on GNOME on Wayland that doesn’t work but usually the first half of REISUB takes me back to log-in to let me reboot and try again.

This has been happening to me since mid or late F38 into F39 so far, and seemingly only happens on Workstation (GNOME 46 on openSUSE Tumbleweed and GNOME on Ubuntu 23.10 both on Wayland sessions are fine).

I suspect it’s something with audio or PipeWire since I hear my speakers pop right before that screen transition, but I’m not sure what else to check for sure. dmesg didn’t show anything obvious.

You certainly also will need to mention your hardware specifications. As this occurs now and then, the cause of the problem also could be some failing piece of hardware.

You probably do not see the blank screen with X when on Wayland?