Black screen

Hi, sometimes when i’m using my laptop (hp pavilion 14-ec0000nl) with f37 installed happens that the screen goes randomly black and it stays in this situation untill i power off the computer. Today it happened again and once I pressed the power button, screen showed me this:

It looks like that here is telling me only that he failed the power off, am i right?
Where can i look for the real problem?
Thanks :slight_smile:

It appears to me that all those errors are related to secondary storage. But primary storage (at least in the instance that you captured) was still functioning. My guess is that your secondary storage device is failing. You might try running sudo smartctl -x $(findmnt -n -T / -o source) and see if the output from that command suggests that your hard drive is failing.

Are you talking about the pcloud storage?

No. I’m talking about your hard drive.