Black screen on boot after upgrading to Fedora cinnamon 39

None of us can even attempt to duplicate what you claim to have done since you have never shown the detailed commands and results received.

I have never had a problem with installing the nvidia drivers on any system, but it is quite possible my commands may have been different than those you used. Without the detailed info we cannot make reasonable suggestions and your generalized responses are not helping us.

is one example. We don’t even know what you did or tried to provide that comment.

Jeff V, thanks. I had this problem from updating Fedora 39 and the black screen. Your fix worked 1., 2., and 3… also I had problems getting to a sign in screen and terminal and the various ctrl-alt-F2 or 3 or ctrl-alt-delete worked at various times, etc. Also, the comments from everybody else were helpful to me understanding and learning. Thank you. Every few distributions an update kills my PC is the only negative I find with Fedora. The Linux community is great.

Glad to have helped.
The updates sometimes have problems regardless of what linux distro you may be using since there are hundreds of differing hardware platforms in use as well as many thousands of differing personal configurations. Not everything is available for testing so sometimes there may be hiccups. This is the nature of FOSS software because it cannot be tested 100% for all potential situations in spite of best efforts.

Kills implies the system is “bricked” and can’t be restored to normal function.

As Jeff @computersavvy mentioned, problems with updates or upgrades can occur with all distros. It is helpful to have alternative network and sound interfaces via USB dongles so you can use the system while investigating issues. It is, however, not unusual to have a problem with graphics. In many cases, you can use a text console to diagnose the problem, but having access another system that can connect to the misbehaving system with ssh is helpful. Ssh access is usually disabled in a basic install so needs some advance preparation.

Hmm ok, sorry for that.

Just for you to know, English is not my mother tong. It takes me time to write a message and be specific.

Regarding your example, I should have put the result of the command you asked me to try.

Apart of that, I’ve tried to mention the result of the different commands I had launched.

Anyway, I take note of your comments and be more careful next time.

Some forums accept posts from users who are not fluent in technical English in two languages. This allows another user who is fluent in your mother tongue to suggest corrections to the English text. I find this reduces misunderstandings and gets to a solution more quickly and helps make the discussion more useful to others who encounter a similar problem.