Black screen is shown when screen is shared on Wayland

I have observed this on both Google Meet and Jitsi Meet and on both Firefox and Chrome. Whenever I would have to share my screen, I would always have to make sure that I switch to X11 in order to do it for Wayland would always end up showing a black screen at the other end.

(Why so?)

Could you give us some information on your configuration please?

(I use both with Wayland without any issues on Fedora 33)

Hey @FranciscoD, it is just the standard workstation installation and no, I have not installed any proprietary graphics driver. It is an i5-7300HQ and the CPU acts as an APU and renders the display.

Hrm, that’s odd then. Is this only with Wayland on Gnome, or does it also happen on other DEs that support Wayland? (It could be something related to Gnome’s Wayland implementation). It may also depend on the graphics hardware—I do remember reading that Gnome requires a particular set of bits to function properly.

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The issue @lapor mentioned does not pertain to mine as I do not use browsers installed from Flathub. Please feel free to create a new topic for it while I investigate this further.


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I have also had many instances with Wayland in the past, mostly with graphics issues. I stay away from Wayland entirely. IMHO. Wayland should still be in beta testing. I use Plasma without any of the issues I experienced before.

That’s just one of the caveats with Wayland due to the non-inclusion of network protocols in the display server but apart from that, Wayland is purely flawless I think. GNOME has a strange added smoothness and the repeated black-screen refresh from X11 is also gone.

I’m trying to get more information by connecting twice to a meet and sharing the screen but unfortunately, to no avail.

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